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"Service Excellence" Customer Service Training  click here

CSM is a free e-Magazine for Customer Service Professionals.


CRM is a free e-Magazine written for senior business and IT management. It's focus is to promote an understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the associated business and technological strategies.


BNET™  (now CBS MoneyWatch) provides practical resources for business challenges and effective techniques for moving companies and your careers forward. Once there, search their site for "leadership." While geared toward managers, it benefits all professionals.


Industry Research Findings
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Contact Center  click here
is a leading global support organization for the contact center industry. It offers a vast array of resources and studies. Since it was launched in 1999, it has helped tens of thousands of operational managers and executives around the world increase their knowledge and value to their company through daily editorials and useful industry information.




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For Customer Service Managers


"Customer Culture Assessment"

What is an organization’s “culture?” It is simply a critical mass of the attitudes and behaviors of its people and groups. The fifteen statements in this document each reflect an important “cultural” reality impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty. How is your customer culture?


"Being a Customer Service Representative Is Not in Everyone's DNA"

Some people simply are not in the personal and professional mental space to serve customers as expected by most service-conscious organizations. When they aren't "right for the job" our experience has been that professional training will not sufficiently budge them...


"Nurturing a Culture of Service"

How do you nurture a "culture of service" in which employees want to contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty? We believe you begin...


"First Call Resolution Readiness"

In our opinion, one of the top two customer expectations is this: somebody to handle my issues quickly —during our first conversation, if possible. (The other is not having to wait too long to get that person.) How do we help service personnel increase their first call resolution metrics? Here is our checklist of six elements...

"Behavior-Based Interviewing"

If your goal is to select and retain the right employees--high performing professionals with good attitudes--it is critical to obtain accurate information about a person’s potential match to your organization.Behavior-based interviewing is an effective way to achieve this objective...


"7 Customer Service Equations"

No matter how strong your brand, customers don’t do business with it.

Here are seven equations to do business by...


For Front Line Service Providers


"5 Strengths of Service Providers"

How does a customer service professional summon genuine, confident and consistent delivery of excellent customer service time after time, call after call, email after email? Our experience in the field with very different types of companies and organizations leads us to believe that consistent customer service excellence grows out of...


"Dealing With Difficult Customers"

Angry customers. Customers who are out of control. There will be times when a customer service provider will be the target, but not actually the problem. It's part of the job. Here's how to remain professional...




We believe excellent service providers know how to be balanced, caring

problem-solvers who bring options to their customers' dilemmas and needs. We offer these powerful basics...


"Telephone Etiquette"

Phone etiquette is part of your professional brand. Here are a few telephone basics...


"Email: When to Use It; When Not"

Email, the most frequently used communication tool for many of us, can become one of the biggest barriers to customer service (with internal and external customers) when used carelessly. Here are some reminders...