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A Proven Choice Across America
Best Practices Face-to-Face, Phone, or Email
"The premier customer service training available."
Senior Executive, Fortune 500 Company

Programs Benefitting More than 450,000 Professionals

Effective onsite customer service training session is engaging, fun, and transfers to the participants' daily job
Consistently rated "highly useful" by participants
PROVEN RESULTS.  Every case measured shows improved customer metrics.

CUSTOM.  We use your scenarios and vocabulary in our session.
SEASONED FACILITATORS blend professional experience with specialized knowledge of customer service, adult learning and organizational development.

Customer Service Training
Representative Content
(Adjusted to your needs)
1) Introduction.  Insights about the people-side of service
  • Service is about managing customer perception (not always reality)
  • Why some don’t complain to us, yet talk badly about us to others
  • Science behind building positive perceptions, one exchange at a time
  • Beyond customer satisfaction:  how to invite customer loyalty
  • Importance of being professional always — your personal “brand”
2) Professional Balance.
     I can give customers a great experience only when I’m in balance myself
  • Assessing my own predictable behaviors when I lose balance
  • Tools to maintain balance for myself and team
  • Being in charge of my own stress management
  • How to handle it when I’m the “target” of an out-of-control customer
  • Respectful professional behavior is not a mystery
  • Increasing my capacity for solving problems and making decisions
3) Managing Imbalance in Customers and Coworkers.  
     A self-description model creates practical awareness about human behavior
  • How to assess when customers or coworkers are stressed
  • Matching a customer's stress behavior with the right approach
  • Effectively handling difficult customer behaviors
  • How to move on when the person has regained balance
  • Ways to add value while managing customers’ stress
4) 4 Habits to Remain “Professional Always." 
    2 thinking habits & 2 doing habits to stay a balanced, respectful professional
  • One powerful attitude of consistently positive professionalism
  • One powerful mindset of consistently effective professionalism
    • Replacing phrases customers don’t want to hear
    • Embracing situational creativity
  • My professional "brand:"  6 important personal commitments
  • Respect:  3 specific ways to show respect and care even “when I don’t feel like it”— It’s not about how I feel; it’s about how I behave!
5) The Service Excellence Flow. 
    Specific practical steps to manage each customer interaction with excellence
  • Always begins with my professional “brand”
  • Connecting well:  2 essentials that impact customer perception
  • Listen & serve:
    • Effective communication tools and probing to understand
    • Problem-solving
    • How to say "no"
    • Key words for important moments
    • Tips & techniques (language barriers, talkative people, etc.)
  • Closing well: 3 key habits to create loyalty & future trust
6) Additional Best Practices—as needed
  • Internal customer service tips and tools
  • Coherent communication tools for individuals and teams
  • Email effectiveness and best practices
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Change and transition management insights
  • And more
7) Follow-up and Reinforcement Resources

KEY TO OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING'S SUCCESS is a uniquely effective interpersonal behavioral model.  Participants learn how stress affects relating behaviors--theirs, in coworkers, and in customers.  This understanding is the key to professionalism & exceptional service! 
Participants commit to:
   (1) staying balanced as a respectful, professional problem-solver;
   (2) regaining balance quickly when stress takes its toll; and
   (3) recognizing stress patterns in others and helping them regain balance.

The Value of Live Onsite Customer Service Training
Why is Davis-Mayo Associates committed to delivering our customer service training programs in person--live onsite--rather than remotely through online training, DVD or video?
CUSTOMIZED & INDIVIDUALIZED.  We customize the program to fit your needs and the outlook of participants.  Scenarios, examples and role plays are taken from your organization’s experience (through our pre-session preparation with you).  Your language is employed; your challenges are addressed. 
  • Participants “buy in” and remain engaged
    Participants apply the learning to their specific world
  • Better understanding of the approaches and tools
  • More thorough transfer of the training to daily work
GROUP INTERACTION.  Small groups create an opportunity to share and resolve issues.  Larger group discussions instill understanding and overcome resistance. 
  • Rapport, trust and team thinking emerge
  • Participants become active problem-solvers
  • Participants discover ways to support one another
  • The group often “brings along” resisters
  • Opportunities for collaboration and application appear
LEARNING IS “CAUGHT.”  Questions can be answered.  Discussion leads to new awareness among participants.  Feedback to facilitator provides opportunities for clarification and application.  Best practices are shared among participants.
  • This is the only way to change “attitudes” as well as behaviors
  • Knowledge transfer is richer
  • Impact leads to better retention and on-target application later
  • Areas of participant interest are addressed on the spot
FACILITATOR IS PART OF THE PROGRAM.  The facilitator models the content. A good facilitator helps people shift their attitudes and behaviors, in addition to merely passing on skills.


  • Role model adds clarity and motivation
  • Rapport with facilitator generates commitment to the content
  • CLICK HERE  "Why Use an Expert Customer Service Training Company"
What makes live customer service training worth the investment? 
  • Customized content. 
  • Immediate real-life application.
  • Opportunities to learn and apply by asking questions.
  • Synergy and humor: the ah-ha and the ha-ha factors.
  • Inspiration and motivation.
  • Interaction and human engagement.
  • Connection and commitment.


Live On-site Training





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"The training far exceeded our expectations!"
CIO, Pharmaceutical Company
"You were right on target.  It has made all the difference.
And thank you for accommodating our budget."
President, Small Organization
"Since  putting our staff through your customer service training last year, we have had extraordinary growth in our 'excellent' rating from customers.  And, our regional corporate ranking has gone well above the average.  We were also named one of the top 50 places to work in the region.  We credit your program as a big reason why!  Now, we'd like to put our new hires through the program and have a refresher for the others."

Facility Manager

"My people told me, 'You picked the right program!'"

Manager, Customer Service Dept.





Using extensive data from multiple industries together with practical insights from human behavioral studies insures that our program is practical, impactful and delivers an important return on your investment.





Self-confidence: Positive self-esteem and effectiveness


Initiative: Proactive professionalism and self-motivation


Assertiveness: Questioning and expressing opinion without rudeness


Coping Skill: Managing stress and unruly customers or peers


Adaptability/Flexibility: Handling change and people’s “maps”


Oral Communication: Rapport, mutual understanding, agreement


Problem Solving: Diagnose problems quickly and formulate solutions


Listening Skill: Actively listen to comprehend and respond well


Self-control: Keeping your head = “professional always”









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